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About Me

Hi I’m Mia, Have we met before? When we’re in each other’s presence, you might feel as if we have. I have a familiarity about me. Like  finally connecting with someone that caught your attention and never quite left your mind. All those What ifs…

People say that I have an energy that pulls you in. I have a quick wit and a lustrous sense of humour. I think there is a certain duality inside us all and I embrace mine. I can be Silly or Sultry, Serious or Sarcastic, Lusty and Lively or Tender and Calm. If you're looking for a good girl with an unexpected wild side, you’ve found her.

I love to experience new people and learn as much as I can in this giant sociology study of a profession, and in turn, learn so much more about myself. I have had the unique opportunity of forming many meaningful connections with people and I value the opportunity to take them deeper as they unfold, and to form new ones as well.


 Our time together is sure to lift the weight off your spirit and have you walking on a cloud. A secret escape, a vacation for your mind and body, the restorative escapade you’ve been looking for. You’ve waited long enough... 




Succulent Plant


FLOWER - Lillies/Orchids


COLOUR - Green

ACTIVITY - Adventure Dates/ Spa Days/ Laughing


SIGN - Aries

HEIGHT - 5' 6" 




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